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Vegan Roasted Veggie Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

Updated: Feb 2


Stir fry is a super easy weeknight meal. It is a wonderful way to make a bunch of vegetables taste delicious, and you can use veggies you prefer. I love this recipe because it is simple, the vegetables are roasted, and the sauce is to die for good!

Every time I go to an asian restaurant I always love trying all the different sauces, dressings, or spreads. A sesame sauce was my favorite for a long time, then I went through a sweet and sour phase, but now any peanut sauce will always be my go to. The peanut sauce in this stir fry is what makes this dish shine. It is smooth, thick, has a little kick, and it is just so tasty with all the veggies. I know a typical stir fry is cooked in a large skillet or wok, but I am such a roasted veggie fan so I decided to cook them in the oven. Plus, you just put them on the pan and let them cook. No standing over the stove and stirring while the veggies cook. Another great component to this dish is you can choose to add whatever vegetables or protein you like and leave out what you don't like. The smoked tofu gets nice and crispy in the oven and absorbs all the delicious sauce. It adds a great texture and smokey flavor to the recipe, but you could also add beef or chicken.

This is another versatile dinner idea. Serve it with rice noodles, rice, or naan, however you want. I would definitely add more veggies if you are not adding a starch to the dinner. I love this quick meal for a delicious and nutritious meal during the week. It also makes great leftovers for lunch the following day. If your in the mood for a healthy asian inspired dinner definitely give this meal a try!


Peanut Sauce (I usually double because I love the sauce)

- 4 tbsp creamy peanut butter

- 4 tbsp powder peanut butter

- 2 tbsp maple syrup

- 2 tbsp rice vinegar

- 4 tbsp tamari

- 2 tsp garlic chili sauce

Stir Fry

- 8 oz bag sugar snap peas

- 1 red pepper

- 2 large carrots peeled and diced

- 2 small 8 oz cans water chestnuts drained and dried with a towel

- 1 head of broccoli

- 1 package smoked tofu, regular firm tofu, or protein of choice

- 1 tbsp arrowroot

- sesame oil spray

- a few tbsp of chopped cilantro for garnish

- optional: Brown rice noodles and vegetable broth


1) Preheat oven to 400 and chop up veggies

2) Line two roasting pans and put the chopped veggies (including water chestnuts) on the pans and spray sesame oil over the veggies

3) Dice up the tofu and make sure it is patted dry. Toss with some of the sesame oil spray and arrowroot powder in a small bowl and put on roasting pan with veggies. Make sure the pieces are spread out.

4) Roast veggies for about 20 minutes stirring once and then up the heat of the oven to 450 and cook and additional 5-10 minutes until they get brown and crispy. The tofu may need to cook a few additional minutes to be sure it gets brown and crispy.

5) While the veggies are cooking add all the ingredients for the sauce in a blender, food processor, or blender bottle and shake or pulse until smooth.

6) If making the noodles follow the package instructions, but instead of water cook the noodles in broth. Usually takes about 5 minutes.

7) Top noodles with veggies and sauce. Garnish with cilantro and/ or nuts and then ready to serve.


Serves about 4

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