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Gingersnap Trifle

Updated: Jan 28


A trifle filled with crunchy cookies, angel food cake, whipped topping, and pudding! This crowd pleasing dessert is INSANLEY easy! My family asks me to make this trifle every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has been a dessert staple for the last two years! It has just enough holiday flare with the crunchy gingersnaps. They add a hint of warm spices that is not to overwhelming with the sweet pudding and angel food cake, but add a familiar flavor for the holiday season. All of the textures of the airy angel food cake, smooth pudding, and crunchy gingersnaps make for a mouthful of sweet joy. The best part about this dessert is it is light after eating a heavy meal. It gives you just the right amount of a sweet fix without feeling overly stuffed and on a sugar high. Although I will say I'm the kind of person that likes to sample all the desserts, and even with all the pies this dessert remains one of my favorites!

After every holiday their are never any leftovers of this trifle! My twelve year old cousin even asked me to make it during Fourth of July! You can make this dessert as decadent as you would like. I use skim milk, light cool whip, and sugar free pudding mix to lighten up the dessert because I think it is just as delicious. You can use whatever ingredients you have to put this trifle together and make it what you want! I promise this will be a crowd pleasing hit and you, your friends, and your loved ones will go crazy! Not to mention it is one of the easiest dessert to make during such a busy time of year! Let me know what you all think and I would love to know if you add anything else to level up this trifle even more.


- 1 12oz container light cool whip

- 2 packages of sugar free white chocolate jello pudding

- 4 cups of skim milk

- 1 angel food cake mix or pre-made

- 1 bag of crunchy gingersnaps cookies(I get the 14oz stauffers brand)


1) Follow the box instructions to make the angel food cake

2) Make sure the angel food cakes cools completely and tear into bite size pieces. Set aside

3) Combine the milk and pudding according to the package instructions in a separate bowl

4) Once the pudding has set, fold about half the cool whip container into the pudding

5) In a large bag crush up the gingersnaps into crumbs leaving some small pieces

6) Get a trifle bowl and layer half the angel food cake, then half the pudding, then a good layer of gingersnap cookies. Repeat this once more. Top with the remaining cool whip and a few cookies crumbs. Then time to serve!

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