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About me and CoKoCooks

Welcome to CoKoCooks where I hope you find some recipes to enjoy.  I thought I would introduce myself and tell y’all how CoKoCooks came about.  First off my name is Courtney and I live in Cedar Park, Texas. I have two pups named Kodak and Kia. Kodak is my four year old half wolf/half German Shepard pup.  He brings me so much joy and is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever met. Kia, I have recently inherited when my twin sister had her son, Cooper (I am now Aunt Coco:) ).  She is a 9 year old  mutt and one little ball of energy. So in high school and a year of college I played competitive volleyball.  After volleyball ended and I continued school at the University of Texas, I began to get more creative in the kitchen and start a path to a healthier lifestyle.  During this time of trying to figure out what I wanted to finish a degree in I became a certified personal trainer.  This led my interest in researching more about nutrition and branching out to try different recipes and foods. After a couple years I ended up finding a passion for physical therapy and completed a degree in health sciences to become a physical therapist assistant.  I have been a PTA now for four years.  Like many others in this difficult time I was laid off from my outpatient position.  While the job search has not been the easiest it has given me so much valuable time with my new nephew, my two dogs, my family, and now developing CoKoCooks.  I hope to share my ideas and recipes, not only my family and friends, but to others who I hope will enjoy them. I plan to use this platform to create new recipes and ideas even when I do return to work.  I am so happy you visited and feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.  Thanks for visiting CoKoCooks!



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